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When history is forgotten, the future is lost.

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The aim of our little books is to distil the history of human thoughts, and deeds, and achievements over the past 5,000 years into a form that is immediately accessible to the electronically focussed denizens of the early twenty-first century.
They are aimed especially at the computer generation who, unbeknownst to themselves, have been cheated by the new hydra, the triplet terrors of an illiterate dumbed-down education, the relentless brainwashing of a trivialised "pop-culture" and the cynical manipulation of a "must-have" tyranny of fashion that has no aim other than to part them with their money and thus enrich both the manipulators and the parasitic clattering classes of the media.
It is astonishing how, in less than half a century, this anti-culture has sototally enslaved a whole generation who are not only ignorant of their own past, but whose horizons have been limited to a culturally, intellectually, musically and artistically illiterate desert island in a sea of naked greed, opportunism and exploitation.
A practical physiological effect of all of this has been to drastically reduce the attention span of this victim generation, so that they are unable to respond to anything but the shortest of aural and visual stimuli. But it has not, we must earnestly hope, killed off that very basic human attribute – curiosity.
For this reason, and in this hope, Nutshell Books are short, abundantly illustrated and available in both electronic and more traditional formats. Their aim is to try to re-connect this abandoned generation with its past, so that it can look forward, in some confidence and with a solid sense of being, to the adventures and challenges of the future.

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