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When history is forgotten, the future is lost.

Bill 'N' Rick's Bookshop

Bill 'N' Rick's Bookshop


This was inspired by Rick (Lǐ Zì Chuǎng). Its aim was to make a wide range of good quality original writing available to the students of Hezhou University. In reality it became a kind of literary café in which the students had access to a wide range of books and magazines. Freshly made espresso and cappuccino, Chinese tea, other beverages and snacks were complimentary. (Rick soon became an expert at cappuccino decoration.)

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It was open to all students and teachers of the university, not only to students studying English. The bookshop also offered a search and buy service for students and teachers who were looking for a particular English title.

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Perhaps the most popular and successful part of Bill 'N' Rick's was the weekly English Corner. This attracted a wide range of school students, university student, teachers and administrators, all of whom were keen to improve their English speaking skills. Some very lively discussions were held in the English Corner on topics relevant to modern life and living in China.

Birthday party 2014

Bill and Rick's joint birthday party 2014