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When history is forgotten, the future is lost.

The Emperors of China in a Nutshell Volume 2
the Shang Dynasty

Paper, the umbrella, gunpowder, the compass, porcelain, the civil service, silk, printing, ice cream, football and pasta. These and much else were first given to the world by China.
She also has longest continuous civilisation the world has ever known, stretching back for more than 4,600 years. For a little over 4,500 of those years she was ruled by a single emperor. Her history under those emperors stretches from the end of the New Stone Age, through the Bronze and Iron Ages right down to the early 20th century.
We are fortunate that the Chinese began to keep detailed records of the lives of the emperors and events in their reigns from an early date. The first reliable written records in China appeared more than 3,200 years ago. For the 1,400 years before that, we have the records of an oral tradition which was written down at a later date.

The period covered by this second volume in the Nutshell Series on Chinese Emperors covers the Shāng Dynasty, the first Dynasty accepted as probably real by Western historians. As with the Xià Dynasty, problems and inconsistencies dating the earliest Shāng kings remain and, as in the first volume, some work was needed in order to produce a new chronology that was internally consistent and could be securely anchored to external events.

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Chuinese Emperors vol 2

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