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When history is forgotten, the future is lost.

The Catholic Popes in a Nutshell
Volume Three: The Coming of Age

In this, the third of the series on the history of the Catholic Popes, we come to an extremely important epoch in the history of the Catholic Church, spanning the entire 7th. and 8th. centuries and the reigns of thirty two popes. It begins in 604 with the election of Pope Sabinian and ends with the reign of Leo III who died in 816.

The culmination of the epoch was the crowning of Charlemagne as the Holy Roman Emperor by Leo III on Christmas Day in 800. From that day, the Catholic Church emerged onto the world stage as a temporal, as well as a spiritual, power that was to play a decisive role in the shaping of European culture and civilisation for centuries to come.

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Catholic Popes Vol 3

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