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Bill McCann


Li Zi Chuang

Lǐ Zì Chuǎng



























When history is forgotten, the future is lost.

BBC Sounds of English

Below are the links to the MP4 files for each of the IPA symbols in the Units of the Guide.

Unit One: Vowel 1 and Vowel 2

Unit Two: Vowel 3 and Vowel 4

Unit Three: Vowel 5 and Vowel 6

Unit Four: Vowel 7 and Vowel 8

Unit Five: Vowel 9 and Vowel 10

Unit Six: Vowel 11 and Vowel 12 (Schwa)

Unit Seven: Vowel 13 and Vowel 14

Unit Eight: Vowel 15 and Vowel 16

Unit Nine: Vowel 17 and Vowel 18

Unit Ten: Vowel 19 and Vowel 20

Unit Eleven: Consonant 1 and Consonant 2

Unit Twelve: Consonant 7 and Consonant 8

Unit Thirteen: Consonant 19 and Consonant 20

Unit Fourteen: Consonant 9 and Consonant 11


The BBC Main Sounds of English Page has additional resources that you may find useful.