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The Nutshell Guide to Fluent English

Volume One: Pre-Intermediate Level

Welcome to the on-line resources for the first volume in our Guide to Fluent Englsh. In the following sections, you will find the internet links and audio files that will help you to get the most out of The Nutshell Guide.

Each section is set out to correspond to the arrangement of the Units in the Guide.

Pronunciation Practice: This section has the audio files for the Minimal pairs that help you to imrove your pronunciation.

The BBC Sounds of English: Links to all the excellent video files that show you how to pronounce each of the 44 sounds that we use in English.

Poetry Readings: Links to, and audio files of, a reading for each of the poems featured in the Nutshell Guide.

The IPA Symbols - the chart of the symbols and their key words.